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Panty Pillow
They are frilly, crushy and snuggly, and made from the finest ultra-premium lingerie.
39.95 + S/H

Pet Vac2
With PetVac there is no mess to clean up. PetVac vacuums as you brush.

39.95 + S/H

Aches and pains acting up again? Is nagging pain keeping you from the things you love?
15 Days Trial

Red Exercise
The RedEx systems comes with every thing you need for guaranteed results. You will get the exerciser with complete instruction manual.
99.95 + SH

Miracle Foot Repair
The incredible healing cream that has helped millions restore their troubled feet! If your feet are dry and cracked... if the itching drives you crazy.
9.95 + S/H

One Handy Can Opener
With the Handy Topper, opening cans is easier than ever! Just place the Handy Topper on the top of the can, squeeze the handle and it's open in seconds.
$14.95 + S/H

Quik Tops
Quik Top is the revolutionary new can cap device that prevents spills and keeps your drinks fresh and carbonated by turning any can into a bottle.
$19.95 + S/H

Shed Ender
Shed Ender is the professional de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in your pet's undercoat. The specially designed head grabs.
$14.95 + S/H

Swivel Sweeper
Swivel Sweeper is the new floor and carpet sweeper that lets you clean dirt and messes faster and easier than ordinary cordless sweepers.
$39.95 + S/H

Storm Force Vaccum
It's called the Storm Force for a reason, because its all powerful, turbo charged motor sucks up everything in its path. With a modern bagless design.
$199.95 + S/H

Roto Radio
RotoPower always works with just a "Twist of The Wrist". Digital Scanning & Tuning for excellent reception and sound.
19.95 + SH

Smoke Away
The all natural, 3-formula Smoke Away smoker's support program can help you kick the smoking habit.
49.95 + SH