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Beauty Products Selection

If you’re interested in losing weight, getting in shape, or developing a healthier lifestyle, we have selection of beauty products to help you reach you goals. Our beauty products would help you shed excess pounds, help you tone and firm your body or quit smoking with best results possible.

Please review and make your selection of desired beauty products:

Panty Pillow
They are frilly, crushy and snuggly, and made from the finest ultra-premium lingerie.
39.95 + S/H

Pet Vac2
With PetVac there is no mess to clean up. PetVac vacuums as you brush.

39.95 + S/H

Cable Flex
CableFlex Personal Gym
Rubber-Coated Hand Grips
Velcro Foot Straps

59.95 + S/H

Lean Bean
Lean Bean coffee is 100% Colombian coffee, enriched with Nopal, a scientifically proven fat blocker that will help you block fat.
24.95 + S/H

Colon FlowColon Flow
When there isn't enough good bacteria present to break down food quickly and painlessly in the small intestine.
39.95 + S/H

Introducing the revolutionary S.U.P.R.O. SOCK® Comfort Shoe by Deer Stags! The secret is in the patented S.U.P.R.O. SOCK.
59.95 + S/H

Miracle Foot Repair
The incredible healing cream that has helped millions restore their troubled feet! If your feet are dry and cracked... if the itching drives you crazy.
9.95 + S/H

The primary all-natural ingredient fucus vesiculosus (kelp), aids in decreasing appetite, increasing metabolism, and burning fat!
Free Offer

Body Burner
Your doctor’s review of the Body Burner System and all relative materials is recommended before starting the BODY BURNER System.
79.95 + S/H

Colon Xtra CLeanse
This all-natural herbal formula has changed hundreds of thousands of people's lives through gentle and effective whole body.
49.95 + S/H

Aches and pains acting up again? Is nagging pain keeping you from the things you love?
15 Days Trial

Hair Excel
This great new hair care system works instantly to stimulate hair and relieve scalp dryness, while adding colume and strenght to your hair.
29.95 + SH

Hoodia Gordonii is a powerful natural appetite suppressant that virtually eliminates the desire to eat!
49.95 + S/H

Weight Loss Cure
The Nu-Wave is different because it uses safe infrared technology to cook food faster and thoroughly without.
24.95 + SH

Red Exercise
The RedEx systems comes with every thing you need for guaranteed results.
99.95 + SH

The Firm
A fun mix of exercises to strengthen, tone and stretch the core muscles of the abdominals.
19.95 + S/H

The TransFIRMer
This new 5-in-1 piece of equipment will add variety and brand-new moves to the tried-and-true FIRM® foundation!
29.95 + S/H

Tae Bo Amped
Tae Bo AMPED workout - the next generation of Tae Bo that combines short intense “Cardio Bursts” with signature.
39.95 + S/H

BriteSmile To Go - 1 Pen
BriteSmile To Go is an easy way to dramatically whiten your teeth, wherever and whenever you want. After years in research.
29.95 + S/H

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